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Home for myself and my wife is hard to define. We work in the Superyacht industry. Which involves a lot of travel and not living at home.

But "Home", is Perth, Western Australia.

I met my amazing wife (she told me to say that), we then decided that we both shared a passion in travel and lifestyle photography, so we packed our bags and headed to Canada on a 2 year working VISA. 

After this, we started in the Superyacht Industry. Which provided the opportunity to witness amazing destinations. 

So much so, 6 years later we are still involved, loving very moment. Yes, I know it all looks like we live the life of the rich and famous, but ask any "Yachty" and they will tell you it's bloody hard work! 

Loving what we do and with a massive passion in photography and cinematography, we get to travel with our job to amazing destinations where the rich and famous go. This hopefully reflects in my photography with a broad range of locations, the Baltic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA, Thailand, Africa etc.

Please, look around, I hope you enjoy what we have to offer..


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