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'Home' for myself and my wife is hard to define. We work in the Superyacht industry. Which involves a lot of travel and not living at home.

But 'Home', is Perth, Western Australia.

Our unique form of employment in the Superyacht industry leads us on an adventurous and active lifestyle. My works hopefully reflect that in my photography + filmmaking with a broad range of locations visited including the Baltic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA, South Pacific, Thailand, Africa etc.

With content in photography & time lapse, Cinematography has always been my end goal incorporating sounds with my visuals. A picture tells a thousands words, imagine what motion can do! 

I am always looking for different ways to tell a story and bring a certain style to my art.

Please contact for any commercial works.

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michael.lewy@hotmail.com     |   

+61 46 747 5298

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