Aussie on the Run

  1. Pinnacles from the Sky

    04 Nov 2016
    Take a look at this amazing place just 2hrs north of Perth. Took the quadcopter and dslr to film a very interesting place in Nambung National Park. With all the travel we have been doing over the last 7 years, it’s great to have a look in your own backyard…

  2. The World Around Us

    12 Jul 2016
    Here’s a simliar set up to the Franschoek Time Lapse previously uploaded. I love the way the stars combine to show off our galaxy. Not every one’s cup of tea, but I do hope you enjoy it!South Africa is an amazing place to travel. This was taken during a roadtrip…

  3. Stars in the valley of Franschoek

    11 Jul 2016
    Been waiting to release this one for a while. Visiting two legends in South Africa, Renaldo and Annessa tied the knot, couldn’t have done it in a more scenic place If any of you get to travel to South Africa, visit Franschoek. This place is incredible. This time lapse was…

  4. Koh Tao’s Finest Display

    27 Jun 2016
    I’m thinking the first way you start your blogging, or vlog’ing career (which everyone seems to be doing these days) is to chuck up some of your finest photo’s or video. Well, this one’s got to be one of my fav’s. North Koh Tao overlooking the whole bay of Sairee…

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