Bride in Kolmanskop Ghost Town

The Namib Desert in south-western Africa, lie the bones of a town once belonging to the richest diamond deposits in the world. It all came to an end and what remains is a desolate town that’s now open to tourists. There is still active mining but nothing like back in the day.

The following pictures have never been done here before, a wedding photography session. Cat done an incredible job applying the makeup in the desert, winds howling, running through sand to get to the location. 

We were married 2 years ago and thought, “bring the dress and see if we can pick out a funky spot for a shoot in Namibia!” Well, doesn’t get much more interesting than this place. Both stoked with the turn out of the pictures and better than our wedding day!

As the sun came down this was the spookiest place I have been too. The grunts and groans of this abandoned area is not for the faint hearted (me). 

What an experience! We hope you enjoy the photos of a town slowly but surely being reclaimed by an ever thickening fold of Namib desert sand.



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