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  1. Journey Through Namibia

    2017-08-18 00:06:23 UTC

    What an top-notch experience it was.  Trusty old 4 x 4, 29 days ahead of us, road trippin’ through this vast country. Namibia is a awe-inspiring country. It is a land of vast, open spaces from red/orange sand dunes to coastal dunes that rise high near the chilly ocean of…

  2. Pig Beach - Little Rockstars

    2017-01-16 02:50:00 UTC

    What a spun out place. Pig beach in the Bahamas. I have been coming here for years on and off yachts, but never had the time to get here. On a recent trip I got the chance to see these little rippers floating around It would’ve been nice to have…

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