Journey Through Namibia

What an top-notch experience it was. 

Trusty old 4 x 4, 29 days ahead of us, road trippin’ through this vast country.

Namibia is a awe-inspiring country. It is a land of vast, open spaces from red/orange sand dunes to coastal dunes that rise high near the chilly ocean of the South Atlantic. Then there’s the famous Kalahari desert with its scorching temperatures - you wonder how anything survives in this climate. 

In the North, lies the fascinating Himba people who live their nomadic life self sufficient. Damaraland is a vast and scenic land that is home to the desert elephant and the largest free roaming black rhino populations. Etosha National Park, Africas 4th largest park, is home to all sorts of wildlife, a highlight and not to be missed...The Namib Naukluft Park in the South is a vast area home to the Fish River Canyon. This canyon is dramatic and spectacular. Sossusvlei is a desert with dunes climbing nearly 400m. Contrasting with the blue sky, makes it a photographer/cinematographer playground. Deadvlei, now world famous with the old Camel Thorn Trees withstanding the desert sun.

Yes, you could say this trip in our trusty 4WD Hilux was one of the best we have accomplished.

The people of Namibia are warm and welcoming and the food was amazing considering the distances they travel to get produce (a lot of places grow there own on site) The Oryx and Eland were my favourite game!

Enjoy the film. I hope it inspires you to travel, seek out new adventures and have a good old crack at taking a risk in places you would normally never think of travelling.


Lewy & Cat

For those interested:
Filmed on Canon 6D
Glidecam HD4000
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
 50mm 1.8 
24-105L f4
100-400mm MkII 
Rokinon 14mm f2.8

Using Format