Aussie on the Run

  1. Cinematic South-West Wedding

    2018-12-19 03:00:00 UTC
    [] [] []     Emma & Kieran Beaton     [] [] [] Travelling down to the epic scenery of the South West of Western Australia is an absolute treat. However, to be given the opportunity to Film two mates get married in this area was an incredible experience. Something I am truly…

  2. Rybovich Superyacht Repair Facility

    2017-11-08 11:42:59 UTC
    This huge marina located in West Palm Beach is one of the busiest marina’s in USA. The quadcopter captures incredible viewing angles of Superyachts being relocated to fit in a perfect order.  Enjoy the short film.  Cheers, Lewy

  3. New York City on a Superyacht

    2017-10-29 20:09:28 UTC
    Taking a 153ft Superyacht up the East Coast of USA Some beautiful locations, fishing and food!  Short season but some great footage shot on a Canon 1DX MkII 60fps (watch in 4K)  ******* - Canon 1DX MkII  - 24-105mm - 50mm - 100-400mm MkII - Glidecam HD4000 - Lumetri Colour…

  4. High in the Sky - Namibia 4K

    2017-10-15 22:42:04 UTC
    [] [] [] 1 month trip through Namibia [] [] []  The land of vast open spaces, otherworldly landscapes and unique wildlife. Explore this epic wilderness through the eyes of a bird! Make sure you have this on a large monitor or TV @4K resolution. It is amazing the technology…

  5. Journey Through Namibia

    2017-08-18 00:06:23 UTC
    What an top-notch experience it was.  Trusty old 4 x 4, 29 days ahead of us, road trippin’ through this vast country. Namibia is a awe-inspiring country. It is a land of vast, open spaces from red/orange sand dunes to coastal dunes that rise high near the chilly ocean of…

  6. Bride in Kolmanskop Ghost Town

    2017-07-22 19:37:33 UTC
    The Namib Desert in south-western Africa, lie the bones of a town once belonging to the richest diamond deposits in the world. It all came to an end and what remains is a desolate town that’s now open to tourists. There is still active mining but nothing like back in…

  7. Deadvlei Model Shoot

    2017-07-16 00:08:28 UTC
    Whilst out in the bush on our travels of the beaut country that Nambia is, I was lucky enough to have a perfect Model on my travels with me.  Deadvlei is a white clay pan located near the more famous salt pan of Sossusvlei, inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park.   The…

  8. Astrolapse in Namibia

    2017-07-07 00:14:00 UTC
    Take a look at the amazing night sky through this amazing country. This is an early release, stay tuned for more until I get the time to make the short film. ***Spitzkoppe and Quiver Tree Forest***

  9. Happy Australia Day!

    2017-01-27 00:00:00 UTC
    Thought what a better time to release me new video on our stunning South West of W.A. Shot on the trusty Canon 6D, bit long in the tooth but gets the job done. Would of had some more aerial work, but… left the quadcopter charger back in Perth. Yep, smart…

  10. Pig Beach - Little Rockstars

    2017-01-16 02:50:00 UTC
    What a spun out place. Pig beach in the Bahamas. I have been coming here for years on and off yachts, but never had the time to get here. On a recent trip I got the chance to see these little rippers floating around It would’ve been nice to have…

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